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Volume 56, No 3

June 2018

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Volume 55, Number 3
June 2017


Regular Articles
General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, etc.
Investigation of N-identical few-body bound systems in the relativistic and non-relativistic description
Mohsen Mousavi, Mohammad Reza Shojaei, and Azadeh Hejazi Juybari
p. 583-593
Propagation of input uncertainties in particle transport and the distribution of the sum of n independent stochastic variables a generalization of the Irwin–Hall distribution
Paolo Saracco and Maria Grazia Pia
p. 652-666
Effects of agent's orientation in 2D flocking models
Redouane Bakir, liass Tarras, Laila Amallah, Hicham Sbiaai, Ahmed Hader, M'Hammed Mazroui, and Yahia Boughaleb
p. 692-697
On Cattaneo–Christov double diffusion impact for temperature-dependent conductivity of Powell–Eyring liquid
M. Waqas, M. Ijaz. Khan, T. Hayat, A. Alsaedi, and M. Imran Khan
p. 729-737
Axisymmetric squeezing flow of third grade fluid in presence of convective conditions
Tasawar Hayat, Hira Nazar, Maria Imtiaz, Ahmed Alsaedi, and M. Ayub
p. 738-754
Travelling wave solutions of Drinfel’d–Sokolov–Wilson, Whitham–Broer–Kaup and (2+1)-dimensional Broer–Kaup–Kupershmit equations and their applications
M. Arshad, A.R. Seadawy, Dianchen Lu, and Jun Wang
p. 780-797
Effect of heat transfer on the peristaltic transport of a MHD second grade fluid through a porous medium in an inclined asymmetric channel
Muddassra Kanwal and Irshad Ali
p. 825-844
Solitons in antiferroelectric liquid crystal and Josephson junction: The double sine-Gordon model
Ali Abdolahzadeh Ziabari and A. Bagheri Khatibani
p. 886-892
Mechanism of common-mode noise and heat generation in an electric circuit with grounding using multiconductor transmission-line theory
Nazia Erum and Muhammad Azhar Iqbal
p. 904-915
On model for flow of Burgers nanofluid with Cattaneo–Christov double diffusion
Souma Jinno, Hiroshi Toki, and Masayuki Abe
p. 916-929
Lie symmetries, conservation laws and analytical solutions for two-component integrable equations
Kai Fang, Shuqi Hu, Shou-Fu Tian, Quanwen Liu, Tian-Tian Zhang, Jianhua Yang, and Jun Zhou
p. 996-1010
Gravitation and Astrophysics
Cosmic transit and anisotropic models in f(R,T) gravity
Jianqu Zhu, Weidong Jin, and Feng Guo
p. 862-869
Imperfect fluid cosmological model in modified gravity
G.C. Samanta and R. Myrzakulov
p. 1044-1054
Nuclear Physics
Investigation of pionic contribution in the Drell–Yan dilepton production cross section in p-Cu collision based on the shell and Fermi gas models
R. Rostami and F. Zolfagharpour
p. 710-718
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
A density functional theory study of double proton transfer reactions in formamide, formamide-formic acid and formic acid dimers
Yi-Siang Wang, Kai-Lun Shen, and Sheng D. Chao
p. 719-728
Stationary properties of a saturation laser stochastic system with time delay
Ping Zhu
p. 798-805
Dual peaks evolving into a single-peak for sub-wavelength 2-D atom localization in a V-type atomic system
Shun-Cai Zhao, Xin Li, Ping Yang, and Qi-Xuan Wu
p. 1055-1061
Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Complex Networks
Stability analysis, chaos control of a fractional order chaotic chemical reactor system and its function projective synchronization with parametric uncertainties
Vijay K. Yadav, Subir Das, Beer Singh Bhadauria, Ashok K. Singh, and Mayank Srivastava
p. 594-605
Effects of thermal radiation, viscous and Joule heating on electrical MHD nanofluid with double stratification
Yahaya Shagaiya Daniel, Zainal Abdul Aziz, Zuhaila Ismail, and Faisal Salah
p. 630-651
An efficient probability routing algorithm for scale-free networks
Wei yan Liu, Xin Li, Jun Li, and Bin Liu
p. 667-673
Examining the dynamics of the Turkish manufacturing industry: A hidden Markov model approach
İ.O. Baycan and G. Yildirim
p. 703-709
Stochastic resonance for a fractional linear oscillator with two-kinds of fractional-order derivatives subject to multiplicative and signal-modulated noise
Witoon Tangwatanakul, Chitnarong Sirisathitkul, Wanwisa Limphirat, and Rattikorn Yimnirun
p. 853-861
On three-dimensional flow of couple stress fluid with Cattaneo–Christov heat flux
Tasawar Hayat, Arsalan Aziz, Taseer Muhammad, and Ahmed Alsaedi
p. 930-938
Traveling wave solutions along microtubules and in the Zhiber–Shabat equation
Tasawar Hayat, Taseer Muhammad, and Ahmed Alsaedi
p. 939-946
Mathematical model for ciliary-induced transport in MHD flow of Cu-H$_2$O nanofluids with magnetic induction
E. Tala-Tebue, Z.I. Djoufack, D.C. Tsobgni-Fozap, A. Kenfack-Jiotsa, F. Kapche-Tagne, and T.C. Kofane
p. 947-962
A revised model for Darcy-Forchheimer flow of Maxwell nanofluid subject to convective boundary condition
Noreen Sher Akbar, Dharmendra Tripathi, Zafar Hayat Khan, and O. Anwar Beg
p. 963-976
Effects of the colored noise on the resonance at the subharmonic frequency in bistable systems
T. Chihi, A. Bouhemadou, M. Reffas, R. Khenata, M.A. Ghebouli, B. Ghebouli, and L. Louail
p. 989-995
Three-dimensional flow of Jeffrey fluid with Cattaneo–Christov heat flux: An application to non-Fourier heat flux theory
Tasawar Hayat, Taseer Muhammad, Meraj Mustafa, and Ahmed Alsaedi
p. 1067-1077
Stochastic resonance in an asymmetric bistable system driven by multiplicative and additive trichotomous noises
Bingchang Zhou and Dandan Lin
p. 1078-1084
Plasma and Beam Physics
Higher order nonlinear dust-acoustic waves in a dusty plasma with dust of opposite polarity
M. Amina, S.A. Ema, and A.A. Mamun
p. 619-629
Condensed Matter: Structure, etc.
Experimental and theoretical study of the structural, mechanical and electronic properties of the Fe$_y$N (y= 1, 2, 3, 4) phases
T. Chihi, M. Fatmi, M.A. Ghebouli, B. Ghebouli, and H. Djemai
p. 674-682
Analysis of the thermoelastic properties of nanocrystalline Foresterite using a thermodynamic equation of state
M. Goyal and B.R.K. Gupta
p. 760-768
Pressure and temperature dependence of the structural, elastic and thermodynamic properties of potassium telluride: First-principles calculations
Nadjia Tayebi, Kada Bidai, Mohammed Ameri, Slamani Amel, Ibrahim Ameri, Y. Al-Douri, and Dinesh Varshney
p. 769-779
Mn$_2$YGa (Y=Ir and Pt), a promising shape memory alloy by DFT methods
Tayeb Hellal, Djillali Bensaid, Bendouma Doumi, Assia Mohammedi, Fethi Benzoudji, Yahia Azzaz, and Mohammed Ameri
p. 806-812
Effect of praseodymium ions on manganese based spinel ferrites
Muhammad Tahir Farid and Ishtiaq Ahmad
p. 813-824
Synchrotron X-ray absorption of iron oxide (Fe$_2$O$_3$) nanoparticles: Effects of reagent concentration and sonication in co-precipitation synthesis
K. Ramesh and M. Devakar
p. 845-852
Optical properties and thermal stability of solar selective absorbers based on Co–Al$_2$O$_3$ cermets
H.M. Huang, S.J. Luo, and Y.C. Xiong
p. 876-885
Physical properties of fluorine based perovskites for vacuum-ultraviolet-transparent lens materials
Saravanan M. and Dhamayanthi S.
p. 893-903
Structural, elastic and thermodynamic properties of iron carbide Fe$_7$C$_3$ phases: An ab initio study
Taseer Muhammad, Ahmed Alsaedi, Sabir Ali Shehzad, and Tasawar Hayat
p. 977-988
First-principles calculations to investigate the structural, electronic and optical properties of Zn$_1$$_−$$_x$Mg$_x$Te ternary alloys
A. Belhachemi, H. Abid, Y. Al-Douri, M. Sehil, A. Bouhemadou, and M. Ameri
p. 1018-1031
Review Articles
Optical properties of (Pb$_1$$_-$$_x$Mn$_x$S)$_1$$_-$$_y$Fe$_y$ materials from first-principles calculations
H. Belhadj, M. Ameri, B. Abbar, N. Moulay, A.Z. Bouyakoub, O. Arbouche, D. Bensaid, I. Ameri, S. Mesbah, and Y. Al-Douri
p. 1032-1043
Regular Articles
Ab initio calculations of the phonon and thermal properties of a (GaAs)$_1$/(AlAs)$_1$ superlattice and comparing them with the Ga$_0$$_.$$_5$Al$_0$$_.$$_5$As alloy
A. Fazeli Kisomi and S.J. Mousavi
p. 1062-1066
Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc.
Modulated compact-like pulse signals in a nonlinear electrical transmission line: A specific case studied
Hatou-Yvelin Donkeng, Fabien Kenmogne, David Yemélé, Marinette G. Jeutho, William K. Mabou, and Désiré NDjanfang
p. 683-691
Magneto optical Kerr effect measurement with pulsed magnetic field
Sih-Ying Lin, Yi-Kai Liao, and Chii-Bin Wu
p. 698-702
Ballistic conductance in a diluted magnetic semiconductor quantum ring
A.M. Babanlı and İsmail Yücel
p. 755-759
First principles investigations on the electronic properties of Cr doped α-Ca(BH$_4$)$_2$
S.K. Sahu, S.K. Tripathy, P.K. Sahoo, and A. Nath
p. 870-875
Electronic properties of MgZnPt$_2$ at extremely high temperatures and pressures
Lian-Li Feng, Adwait Mevada, N.Y. Pandya, and P.N. Gajjar
p. 1011-1017
Polymer, Soft Matter, Biological, and Interdisciplinary Physics
Variation approach to error threshold in generic fitness landscape
Ching-I Huang, Min-Feng Tu, Hsiu-Hau Lin, and Chun-Chung Chen
p. 606-618