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Volume 56, No 1

February 2018

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Volume 56, Number 1
February 2018


Regular Articles
Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical Physics
Equation of State of 20Ne gas in the temperature-range 27–36 K
p. 411-422
Gravitation and Astrophysics
Inflationary magnetic fields from massive Euler–Heisenberg electrodynamics
p. 91-95
The moment of inertia of the proto neutron star PSR J0348+0432 under neutrino trapped
p. 292-299
Nuclear Physics
Evaluation of the neutron production rate using D–D and D–T fuel in an inertial electrostatic confinement fusion device
p. 23-29
Quantum Information and Quantum Computation
A true random number generator based on the photon arrival time registered in a coincidence window between two single-photon counting modules
p. 385-391
Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Complex Networks
Slip boundary conditions and through flow effects on double-diffusive convection in internally heated heterogeneous Brinkman porous media
p. 10-22
MHD flow and heat transfer over a radially stretching/shrinking disk
p. 58-66
Modified Kudryashov method via new exact solutions for some conformable fractional differential equations arising in mathematical biology
p. 75-85
Colored Gaussian noises induced stochastic resonance and stability transition for an insect growth system driven by a multiplicative periodic signal
p. 96-107
A multiscale noise tuning stochastic resonance for fault diagnosis in rolling element bearings
p. 145-157
Delay induced steady-state transition and stochastic resonance for an ecological vegetation growth system subjected to multiplicative and additive noises
p. 158-170
Multi-switching dual compound synchronization of chaotic systems
p. 171-179
Entropy generation and MHD natural convection of a nanofluid in an inclined square porous cavity: Effects of a heat sink and source size and location
p. 193-211
Chaotic analysis and combination-combination synchronization of a novel hyperchaotic system without any equilibria
p. 238-251
Analysis of magnetohydrodynamic flow of a fractional viscous fluid through a porous medium
p. 261-269
Non-Darcy free convection of Fe3O4-water nanoliquid in a complex shaped enclosure under impact of uniform Lorentz force
p. 270-281
Stochastic impact in Fitzhugh–Nagumo neural system with time delays driven by colored noises
p. 346-354
Stability analysis, dynamical behavior and analytical solutions of nonlinear fractional differential system arising in chemical reaction
p. 374-384
Anisotropic slip magneto-bioconvection flow from a rotating cone to a nanofluid with Stefan blowing effects
p. 432-448
Condensed Matter: Structure, etc.
Barium silicate modified strontium bismuth tantalate ferroelectric thin films
p. 40-45
Transverse anisotropy field and lattice plane anisotropy of stress annealed Fe–Cu–Nb–Si–B ribbons
p. 180-184
Formation of Ge35In8S57 amorphous films for optical applications
p. 212-220
Study the effect of acetic acid on structural, optical and mechanical properties of PVA/chitosan/MWCNT films
p. 221-230
Pressure-dependent mechanical and thermodynamic properties of newly discovered cubic Na2He
p. 231-237
Shape and size dependent thermophysical properties of nanocrystals
p. 282-291
Study of the structural, elastic, electronic and optical properties of lead free halide double perovskites Cs2AgBiX6(X = Br, Cl)
p. 323-330
Mesoporous titania films investigated by positron annihilation based on a slow positron beam
p. 355-361
Structure and conductivity characterization of new type ionic conductor stabilized bismuth oxide ternary systems
p. 362-373
Deposition and characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films from the ink of sonochemically prepared CIGSe nanoparticles
p. 392-403
Ab initio predicted elastic and thermodynamic properties of Imm2-BN under high pressure
p. 423-431
Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc.
Structural, elastic and optoelectronic properties of the hydrogen based perovskite compounds: Ab-initio study
p. 1-9
Ab initio electronic structure, bonding and optical properties of two relatively new ceramics Hf2Al3C4 and Hf3Al3C5: A comparative study
p. 30-39
Investigating the influence of Cr-Zn substitution on magnetic and structural properties of M-type SrBaSm hexaferrites Sr0.6Ba0.1Sm0.3Fe12.0-x(Cr0.6Zn0.4)xO19
p. 67-74
Coexistence of paramagnetism and ferromagnetism in Fe-TiO2 nanoparticle
p. 86-90
Microstructure and magnetic characterization of the Sm-CoMn co-substituted SrCaM hexagonal ferrites
p. 108-116
A short review on: Optimization techniques of ZnO based thin film transistors
p. 117-124
Regular Articles
Nonlinear response of Josephson fluxonic diode to radiation based on geometry and incident radiation point
p. 125-130
Structural, electronic, optical and thermodynamic investigations of NaXF3 (X = Ca and Sr): First-principles calculations
p. 131-144
Dynamic hysteresis loop in a ferroelectric heterostructure
p. 185-192
Effect of Fe3+-doped Ca12Al14O33 cement on optical and thermal properties
p. 252-260
The magnetoelastic interaction of exchange nature
p. 300-302
Ferri-para-magnetism of tungsten and its carbide cermets for elevated temperature sensor application
p. 303-307
Elucidating DFT study on structural, electronic, thermal and elastic properties of SrTcO3 by using GGA and mBJ approach
p. 308-314
Bound magnetopolaron in delta GaAs quantum dot under Rashba effect
p. 315-322
Zn and Zr co-doped M-type strontium hexaferrite: Synthesis, characterization and hyperthermia application
p. 331-339
Investigation of ultrafast plasmon control in silver block by PEEM
p. 340-345
Ferromagnetism induced by double impurities Mn and Cr in 3C–SiC
p. 404-410
Polymer, Soft Matter, Biological, and Interdisciplinary Physics
Conformational stability of the tetrameric de novo designed hexcoil-Ala helical bundle
p. 46-57